Welcome to the

Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department

Union County, North Carolina


The Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department was formed in 1958. The department was chartered on February 4, 1958 as a non-profit organization. The first fire trucks were housed at a garage beside the old service station that stood where the Kangaroo Gas Station now stands. The station at Mineral Springs (Station 15) was built in 1964. This building was constructed using volunteer labor and donated materials. The department then constructed two sub-stations. Station 16 was constructed on Highway 75 between Zeb Helms and Elizabethan Roads. This station housed one engine and had a meeting room. This station remained in service until the new Station 16 was constructed at the corner of Rocky River Road South and Doster Road. Station 17 was constructed on Highway 200 South just north of Griffith Road. This station housed an engine and a tanker. This station also remained in service until the new Station 16 was constructed. The new Station 16 was constructed in 1992. This station was constructed large enough to house four vehicles. It now houses an engine, a tanker, a squad and a brush truck. Station 15 underwent a major addition and renovation in 2009-2010. The original building was totally renovated to house all the administrative offices, day room, radio room, new kitchen and training room. An addition was added to the east side of the building to provide 8 trucks bays. This building is large enough to house a ladder truck if ever needed and will be large enough for the Fire Department for the next 20 years. The new truck bay area houses 5 vehicles, an engine, a tanker, a brush truck, a squad and a utility truck, as well as a light tower. The department now has 65 members on the roster. These members answer in excess of 850 calls per year. We answer fire, rescue and medical calls from both stations.